Ways of learning – learning new ways by Stewart Koplick

Ways of learning – learning new ways 

A Blog item by Expert Reference Member Stewart Koplick


The continued development and deployment of smart (and cutting edge) technologies, in particular virtual reality headsets, software and applications affords opportunities for users and developers - be they students, gamers, entrepreneurs, large scale corporations or even universities (to simply name a few) to explore modes of learning and understanding in ways that promote innovation and lived experience. 


Rendering videos and photos of loved ones, a child's school, the local footy club, the Wood N Tooth café, or even recreating the family home all within a 'gamified' environment, creates connection and familiarity - lessons that aren't forgotten as one makes their way through life's journey.  Gone are the days of chalk and talk and ivory towers, as technology allows the user to connect, explore and understand in ways that are as unique as they are.  Backed by research and the co-design process, new ways of learning and teaching are being discovered, modified, reviewed, shared... and as updated and new technologies hit the market, we have a responsibility to safely and collaboratively explore how these technologies can support the learning process. By doing so, we create opportunity and greater understanding for all people. We learn new ways to do things, to teach, to learn, to explore, to be curious... a worthwhile undertaking no matter who or where you are.

Posted on 08 / 12 / 2016
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