Queensland Multicultural Month: Digital Diversity

Every year for one month the Queensland Government and Access Community Services hosts ‘Queensland Multicultural Month’, an annual festival celebrating the diverse people and cultures that call Queensland home. This year it is held in August. Each of the four weeks has its own theme relating to multiculturalism in Australia. The theme for this week is Digital Diversity.

There are a number of activities you can participate in, both in person and online, that accommodate people of all ages. The 2016 Festival boasted more than 90 events and this year is looking to be the same or greater. Migrants to Queensland can complete the online ‘Welcome to Queensland’ survey to tell the Queensland government what went well or could be improved in their process of settling to Queensland. Featured events are the Festival of Slavonic Culture, Korean and Japanese Festivals, Fire Festival or, if you’re eager to learn a new language, the University of the Sunshine Coast is offering seven short language courses in honour of Multicultural Month.

It’s sure to be a fantastic event and one not to be missed. You can find the full calendar of events and more information about the festival via the link below.


Posted on 10 / 08 / 2017
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