Case Study - Medication Management

Author: Jeannine Harrington

Published By: CCSATC

Published On: 8 September 2015

Contributed by Jeannine Harrington - Expert Reference Group Member

The importance of implementing a testing procedure before introducing smart assistive technology into a consumers home was highlighted by the experience of a case manager introducing an automated medication dispenser for use by consumer in early stages of dementia.

Family members had been very proactive in researching a tool to assist with medication management for their mother.  The case manager contacted the distributor and a dispenser was dispatched.  However, finding a Pharmacist familiar with the technology was a bit of a challenge.  The first approach to a pharmacist who had assured the case manager they knew how to load the dispenser resulted in a broken lock and the timing wrong resulting in all compartments opening at once.

By trailing in the office before placing in the home the malfunction was identified and an opportunity to remedy reducing the risk to the consumer.

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