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Digital Inclusion and Disability Webinar

Date: 03/10/2017

Stewart Koplick from Endeavour Foundation presents a webinar about digital inclusion and disability.
Outstanding Delivery of Remote Services Through Technology and Innovation

Date: 03/08/2017

In this webinar, Julie-Ann Lambourne (CEO of enVizion) and David Swayn (National Disability Coordination Officer for STEPS Group Australia) will both discuss how they are providing outstanding...
The Technology Roadmap Research Project - Implications for Community Care Providers

Date: 01/08/2017

In this webinar, Anne Livingstone (Chair of the National Home Care Group) and Gavin Tomlins (Chair of the CIO's Forum) from the Aged Care Industry IT Council (ACIITC) recently commissioned...
Open Data Institute: Community Sector Case Studies Using Open Data

Date: 13/07/2017

In this webinar, Maree Adshead from The Open Data Institute Australian Network will discuss a range of Open Data Case Studies in relation to the Community Care sector. These include My Community...
My Tech Project: Connecting People to Emerging Assistive Technology

Date: 23/06/2017

This presentation will share knowledge and experience gained through the ILC WA MyTech Project. Smart AT is often not prioritized despite the potential for it to maximize independence and social...

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