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Dementia screening for urban Aboriginal Australians: a pilot study

Principal Researcher(s): Prof. Lisa Jackson Pulver

Other Researchers/Staff: Prof. Tony Broe, A/Prof. Dave Grayson, Dr. Simon Chalkley, Prof. Leon Flicker, Ms.Gail Daylight, Dr. Holly Mack

Corresponding Author: Dr. Holly Mack

Published by: Primary Dementia Collaborative Research Centre

Published on: August 2012

Dementia is a growing concern for Aboriginal Australians (1-2), but remains poorly understood in urban and regional (i.e., non-remote) Aboriginal peoples, who comprise the vast majority of Australia’s Indigenous population (3). There is a need for better understanding of dementia and appropriate services in these communities, but one of the major obstacles for research and clinical practice is that there are no validated cognitive screening tools for use in urban/regional populations. How to effectively and appropriately assess dementia and cognitive impairment is a key issue in working with (older) Aboriginal people.

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Telemedicine clinics and mobile health screening services for Indigenous children

Author: The Centre for Online Health (COH)

Published By: The University of Australia 

Published:  2016

HealtheScreen4KIDS is a service by the Centre for Online Health 

Since 2005, staff at the Centre for Online Health (COH) have been exploring the use of telemedicine to support Indigenous children in rural communities. In 2009, a mobile telemedicine-enabled health screening service was established in Cherbourg, a remote Aboriginal community in central Queensland.The service, designed to complement and extend existing community-based service, provides routine assessment of children at high risk of ear disease and potential hearing impairment. The screening service comprises a custom-designed screening van with the necessary telemedicine equipment on board. 

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CommDoc app

CommDoc has been developed by Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE) in consultation with clinics, communities, doctors, cultural educators and interpretive services.

CommDoc is a language tool developed for GP Registrars and other health professionals working in communities across the Northern Territory, to culturally enhance interactions with Aboriginal patients

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Connecting Health Services with the future: Modernising medicare by providing rebates for online consultations – A discussion paper from the Australian Government


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