Matching technologies of home automation, robotics, assistance, geriatric telecare and telemedicine

Authors: Francesco Franshimon, PhD and Michiel Brink, MSc

Published by: Journal of Gerontechnology

Year of publication: 2009

The aging society could have a greater societal impact than the current financial crisis. The percentage of older adults has increased while the size of the health care workforce has remained constant. Home automation, robotics, assistive technology, geriatric telecare and telemedicine can support independence in older adults and diminish the health care burden. Currently, delivering services through these technologies is accomplished mainly through stand-alone systems. Multiple stand-alone systems in one dwelling become a multidisciplinary technological challenge of risks and benefits. Ideally, only those technology mediated services requested at a particular moment should be provided. This calls for a reduction in the barriers between healthcare and technology disciplines and an intelligent network using software agents supporting optimal integration and interoperability to increase the quality of life of older adults and decrease the healthcare burden in our aging society.

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