Technologies for Dementia Care in the Home

An informative webinar presented by Dr. Carrie Peterson on how the use of technology can assist with dementia care in the home.

About Carrie Peterson:

Carrie Peterson, PhD, has degrees in Human Services, Psychology, Gerontology, and her PhD thesis in Engineering was on Quality of Life and technology in dementia care. Carrie has been a volunteer, private carer, worked in day care programs, hospice, and in research over the past 30 years. She is an independent consultant in aging, long-term care, and dementia services. Carrie has worked with private families, long-term care facilities, universities, businesses, start-ups, research centers, Non-Governmental Organizations, and health and social care services in Denmark. Carrie focuses on innovation in dementia care, working to develop and evaluate health and social care services for people and families living with dementia. 

Click the link below to view the webinar:

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