Study protocol of a randomised controlled trial of a web-based multi-modal training program for children and adolescents with an Acquired Brain Injury

Contributors: Roslyn N. Boyd, Emmah Baque, Adina Piovesana, Stephanie Ross, Jenny Ziviani, Leanne Sakzewski, Lee Barber, Owen Lloyd, Lynne McKinlay,Koa Whittingham, Anthony C. Smith, Stephen Rose, Simona Fiori, Ross Cunnington, Robert Ware, Melinda Lewis, Tracy A. Comans and Paul A. Scuffham

Published By: BMC Neurology

Published On: 19 August 2015

Acquired brain injury (ABI) refers to multiple disabilities arising from damage to the brain acquired after birth. Children with an ABI may experience physical, cognitive, social and emotional-behavioural impairments which can impact their ability to participate in activities of daily living (ADL). Recent developments in technology have led to the emergence of internet-delivered therapy programs. “Move it to improve it” (Mitii™) is a web-based multi-modal therapy that comprises upper limb (UL) and cognitive training within the context of meaningful physical activity. The proposed study aims to compare the efficacy of Mitii™ to usual care to improve ADL motor and processing skills, gross motor capacity, UL and executive functioning in a randomised waitlist controlled trial.

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