School-based Telerehabilitation In Occupational Therapy: Using Telerehabilitation Technologies to Promote Improvements in Student Performance

Author: Melanie Joy Criss

Published by: International Journal of Telerehabilitation

Year of Publication: 2013

This article discusses the use of telerehabilitation technologies in occupational therapy for schoolbased practice. Telerehabilitation, for the purpose of this program, included the implementation of occupational therapy services via twoway interactive videoconferencing technology. The subjects included in this pilot program were children, ages 6 to 11 years, who attended an online charter school and had difficulties in the areas of fine motor and/or visual motor skills which impacted success with handwriting. Each participant completed a virtual evaluation and six 30 minute intervention sessions. The Print Toolâ„¢ Assessment was used to determine progress pre and post program. A learning coach/student satisfaction survey was given at the end of the program to determine participant satisfaction. Outcomes revealed improvements in handwriting performance for most students who participated in the program and high satisfaction rates reported by all participants.School based Telerehabilitation.pdf

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