Smart rehabilitation for the 21st century: The Tampa Smart Home for veterans with traumatic brain injury

Author/s: Jan Jasiewicz, PhD; William Kearns, PhD;  Jeffrey Craighead, PhD; James L. Fozard, PhD; Steven Scott, DO; Jay McCarthy Jr, PT, MS

Published By: JRRD, Volume 48, Number 8

Published On: 2011


In this editorial, JRRD report on the development of a smart-home–based cognitive prosthetic that will deliver 24/7 rehabilitation at the James A.Haley Veterans’ Hospital Polytrauma Transitional Rehabilitation Program (PTRP) facility in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa Smart Home was designed to address two weaknesses identified by PTRP clinicians in the rehabilitation process for patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI): (1) patient safety and (2) inadequate timing and repetition of prompts used to overcome TBI related cognitive and memory deficits.

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