Traditional Telehealth Model is ‘Dead’ as Wearables Take Over: CCSATC Expert Kevin Doughty

Author: Natasha Egan

Published By: Australian Ageing Agenda Technology Review 

Published:  2016

Dr. Kevin Doughty is a CCSATC Expert Reference group member and Director of the Centre for Usable Home Technologies (CUHTec) at the Universities of Coventry, Newcastle and York. A leading expert in the use of ICT in aged care, Dr. Doughty has urged providers to be agile when it comes to choosing technology, citing Telehealth boxes that have been "overtaken" by more suitable wearable devices. 

"That equipment should be taken off from the shelf and put straight into the bin because they have been overtaken by things that better, more usable, and far more conducive to the public." Dr Doughty told Technology Review. 

All the sign were pointing to a future involving wearable devices, rather than "Telehealth boxes," said Dr Doughty. 

Clients were constrained by traditional Telehealth equipments that had to used in the home at a particular time, he said. Instead, devices needed to become ambulatory so they could be worn by individuals, who were increasingly interested in something that matched their persona. 

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Traditional telehealth model is ‘dead’ as wearables take over: expert

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