New Webinar Available: Changing Perspectives Why Consumers are the Key to ‘Smart’ AT

Author: CCSATC and Dr Malcolm Fisk 

Published By: Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative  

Published:  2017

In this webinar Dr Malcolm Fisk explores some of the disjointed 'dynamics' around AT, health and care. The argument will be made that the dynamics are disjointed because the views and aspirations of a new cohort of consumers (aware of their rights; exercising choices; harnessing technologies in new ways) are often not reflected in the service frameworks that are on offer. The disjuncture presents an opportunity for the more visionary providers of products and services to offer new approaches that accord with emergent new norms.

Please follow the link to access the webinar:

Changing Perspectives  Why Consumers are the Key to ‘Smart’ AT

Posted on 24 / 05 / 2017
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