Digital 1st Strategy Released

This September the Queensland Government unveiled its Digital 1st: Advancing our digital future strategy for 2017-2021. The plan calls for government to work closely with industry to get more services online and remove any manual processes. Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business Leeanne Enoch said DIGITAL1ST: Advancing our digital future will help position Queensland as a leader in “digital government”.


The digital 1st strategy has been set out in mind of eight principles and four proprieties. The four priorities are the foundation of the strategy they include people, collaboration, connectivity and trust. These priorities are the focus of the digital 1st efforts.


The eight principles include:

  •          Solve the right problem
  •          Digital by default
  •          Create unified digital experiences
  •          Prefer open over closed
  •          Make it secure by design
  •          Harness skills and experience- from inside and out
  •          Leave no-one behind
  •         Experiment, learn and improve



To read more about the Digital 1st strategy by the Queensland Government effective in 2017-2021 read here.  


Community Care Smart Assistive Technology is looking closely at how this affects and the opportunities available to the community care sector. A series of  Webinars are being held in the Collaborative with the next Webinar being on Digital Inclusion and Disability to be posted Thursday the 5th of October.