Technological Skills Uptake in the Aged and Residential Care Sectors

Technological skills are becoming increasingly important in every sector and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the uptake of technology for both businesses and individuals due to the necessity for remote working solution. The World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report details the increased demand for technology skills across all sectors of industry.

The top skills across all sectors are:

    • cloud computing

    • bid data analysis

    • internet of things

    • cybersecurity

    • artificial intelligence

    • text image and voice processing

    • e-commerce

    • robots

    • augmented reality and virtual reality

    • blockchain,

    • 3D and 4D printing

    • power storage

    • new materials

    • biotechnology, and

    • quantum computing. 

The impact of technology on the workforce was discussed by CSIRO Data 61, Dr Claire Mason in the Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative (CCSATC) webinar ‘Technology and Digital Inclusion for All Ages’.

Further to the technology skills across all sectors, Dr Mason presented on the in-demand technology skills for the aged and residential care sector, highlighting that demand for technological skills is overall not as high, with only cloud computing being a heavily sought after technological skill. This slower uptake was explained as being due to the established workforce in this industry having a lack of digital skills due to training packages for the sector not including many digital skills.

The Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Webinar “Technology and Digital Inclusion for All Ages” can be accessed here.

The World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report can be accessed here.

Posted on 09 / 11 / 2021
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