Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031

The Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative welcomes the release of Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021 – 2031. This strategy sets out a plan for Australia to continuously improve the lives of people with a disabilities over the next ten years.

The launch also marks International Day of People with Disability.

A clear priority within the disability strategy is the focus on assistive technology as various policy priorities include technology as a key factor (Inclusive Homes and Communities policies 5 and 6).

Inclusive Homes and Communities Policy Priority 5 speaks to the importance of accessibility to emerging transport technology, such as rideshare services, closer proximity to transport services and improving access to information to support the journey. Inclusive Homes and Communities Policy Priority 6 then speaks to making information and communication technology accessible to all Australians due to it being a critical component of individual and community life.

We highlight Personal and Community Support Policy Priority 4 which speaks to making assistive technology accessible to Australians with disabilities due to it supporting inclusion, participation, communication and engagement in all areas of society. Some form of assistive technology highlighted in this policy include grab rails, hoists, wheelchairs, hearing aids, text captioning services, home modifications, digital assistive technology, prosthetics and devices to support memory.

For more information on the Australian Disability Strategy 2021-2031, click here.

Posted on 07 / 12 / 2021
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